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  • Founded in 2012, annectoś specialises in ideating, designing, and deploying channel marketing strategies spanning the spectrum of business to trade (B2T) activities. With key focus on ROI, our customised and specialised operations include trade marketing, retailer enrolment and network expansion through channel and influencer engagement . Our good Karma is to guarantee last-mile brand profitability for you channel-intensive product. Making your channel partners’ businesses profitable and rewarding is our mission.

  • We ascertain that your brand creates an indelible impression on retailers. They are mission-critical for any brand, in any market because they face customers. Our best-in-class, business-transforming strategies make brands lucrative even in chancy markets.

  • annectoś acts as an extended arm of your sales & marketing function. We internalise your exact needs, customise and deploy programs with key focus on ROI.

  • At annectoś, what is done is measured and benchmarked. We constantly monitor our programs to determine that they deliver tangible outcomes.


Engagement person-hours clocked.


Channel Partner enrolments and activations


Reactivation of dormant channel partners


Channel partners delighted with our rewards delivery.

Channel Engagement Solutions

annectoś offers end-to-end Channel Trade Marketing Solutions pan India. We have among our esteemed clients renowned brands across Automobile, FMCG, and Infrastructure verticals (to name a few). annectoś in-house tech development team creates and deploys platforms for operations and database management with tailored flexibility. Our passionate and energetic teams are customer and result oriented. Our processes are robust and delivery of sterling quality.
Channel Partner Engagement

Channel Partner Engagement

Your efficacy in reaching out and engaging end-consumer physical touchpoints of your channel is decisive.

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Influencer Engagement

Influencers are decision takers who rule the roost in the B2B world de facto. They don’t buy; but they surely decide or influence

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Dealer Reactivation

Dormant Partner re-activation

Whither went your loyal partner? What made him to stop engaging with your brand? What went amiss? You wonder? No worries.

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Soft Engagement

Soft Engagement

Connecting with the retailer/dealer/influencer at a transactional level is only a part of what annectos does. We employ a ‘Ghar-ki-Baat’ relationship with

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Sales Visibility

Sales Visibility

The Devil is in the detail!! The key to the success of a trade scheme is processing ∕ slicing ∕ dicing ∕ analysing gargantuan amounts of data that

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The current workplace is more dynamic than ever before. Diversity of the human resource makes organisations vulnerable to slipping bottomlines. The truth about motivation is unfathomable. But what is clear to us (after doing business for almost a decade) is… different folks; different strokes!! ‘Personalisation’ is key to rewards & recognition. Our offerings for employee engagement are a cut above competition. Contact us for attractive, novel, and impactful employee engagement solutions.
Program Management Employee Engagement

Program Management

A chain is as strong as its weakest link. Similarly, your business is only as good as a single demotivated employee. Add to that the rising attrition rates. Work from home and hybrid models have rendered employee engagement

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EMployee Rewards

Employee Rewards

Rewarding good performance is mission critical. But gifting a stellar employee something she does not want, or use, is pointless. Thoughtfulness is key to making a performer feel special. If you truly care for your employees,

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Loyalty Rewards

Loyalty Rewards

Be it for employees or channel partners, loyalty rewards are crucial. Prompt delivery of rewards is the proof of the pudding.

We make a strong last impression! annectoś ensures that you have access to an exhaustive, customised, loyalty rewards gallery.


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