Influencer Engagement

Influencers are decision takers who rule the roost in the B2B world de facto. They don’t buy; but they surely decide or influence the purchase. Architects, consultants, engineers, contractors, masons, procurement & HR managers, electricians, painters, plumbers, carpenters, civil engineers, and energy consultants are few such influencers that need to be kept in the trade campaign loop to maintain a lucrative topline. annectoś engagement specialists connect with influencers regularly by leveraging technology and handhold them by providing the information they require.


Dormant Partner re-activation

Whither went your loyal partner? What made him to stop engaging with your brand? What went amiss? You wonder? No worries. We will bring him back into the fold through our partner re-activation practice. Till date, we have re-activated 4000 plus influencers and 1500 plus partners for our clients. These channels have risen from the dead like the Sphinx. Reactivated partners have begun to recommend and sell our clients' brands. Bringing them back into the mainstream trade channel in several dormant geographies, has benefitted our clients’ toplines.


Channel Fitness and Audits

While execution is key to program success; equally important is evaluation & feedback. It is critical for a brand to understand what went right and what didn’t– what works and what needs to change. Our teams methodically and periodically audit, identify problems before they arise. We join your in-house team during an ongoing program to isolate problem areas and suggest mid-course corrections. We brainstorm with them before starting a program and equip them to handle lacunae.

Sales Visibility

The Devil is in the detail!! The key to the success of a trade scheme is processing/slicing/dicing/analysing gargantuan amounts of data that the program generates. Performance metrics need to be conveyed to the client before/during/after the campaign. We provide such data which act as key strategic inputs for the salesperson, in a digestible format, on demand. Tracking primary sales is easier. But secondary and tertiary sales are a tough cookie. We have mastered the art of real-time data management by leveraging technology to the hilt. This ensures seamless sales visibility throughout the channel, including secondary and tertiary levels.

Retail Activation & Sampling

Whether it is trade scheme activation, new product sampling or just visual merchandising, annectoś can provide complete ground support and blanket coverage execution at a retail outlet level, pan-India. As an extended arm to your sales and trade teams, annectoś ground support offers end-to-end BTL activation and sampling.