Channel Partner Engagement

  • Channel Program Strategy & Design

    Research shows that the right program design can enhance performance by 44%. annectoś works with your sales and trade marketing team to design programs that best align with your objectives. We ensure that the channel benefits too.

  • Be it a loyalty program platform, sales tracking solution or simply a reward gallery, all our tech is customized and deployed by our in-house tech team. Our platforms are configurable to work alongside most legacy sales force automation tools.

  • Behind every successful program is a team of successful program managers. In most companies, the sales team is burdened with the added responsibility of trade scheme management. This keeps them away from their KRAs. annectoś takes on this burden and brings structure and hygiene.

  • Streamlining begins with understanding which 20% of your business yields 80% value. And knowing which partner has potential. Resource optimization & ROI maximization are essential. By analyzing & benchmarking against pre-determined success measurements (KPIs) we help you achieve desired outcomes. KPIs enable learning & improvement of critical processes.

  • At annectoś we believe, the key to success of any program is the communication. We ensure the messages are clear and importantly; understood and acted upon. We ensure that our communication is two-way and that it creates trust, loyalty and lasting mindshare.

  • Loyalty rewards should be meaningful and inspire & create lasting goodwill for the brand. While reward sourcing and last mile delivery can be a logistical nightmare for most companies, annectoś has seamless end-to-end reward management solutions. We have the lowest industry TAT.